ShanXi Jinxin card clothing Co.,Ltd located in the hometown of Shanxi merchants,has been developing for more than 30 years,It is a well-known domestic old fashioned enterprise specializing in research and development,manufacturing,sale and technical service of card clothing,a governing unit of china textile machinery association ,a high tech enterprise and an environment friendly enterprise in shanxi province.The leading products are AAAA.AAA.AA.A four series and various types of metal Card clothing and flat card clothing.Which Are widely used in carding of cotton spinningWool spinning hemp spinning ,chemical fiber And cashmere.They are famous products in shanxi province ,and the JinXin trademark Is a famous trademark in shanxi province.The Equipment and technology of flat card clothing are introduced from Scardassi company of Italy,which produces a new type of Flat card clothing.It has obtained many national patents and is a national new products.Metal card clothing equipment is advanced, multi-knife punching,man-machine Conversation ,full-process microcomputer numerical control,and intelligent production Producing all kinds of metal card clothing.For more than 30 years,our equipment has been Constantly updated,technology has been constantly innovated,and products have been Constantly updated.With first-class equipment First –class talents,first-class technology And first-class products,We are on the road Of all-round and high quality development.We have successfully developed high-end metal Card clothing such as multi tooth card Clothing and horizontal card clothing and SXPT-62 high-end flat card clothing.We can also produce various types of flat card Clothing with different length and width according to customers requirement.Meeting the market demand of high-end card clothing.Our company also introduces advanced Equipment and technology,adopts imported natural rubber,special pure cotton cloth,and Produces all kinds of elastic base cloth.Series products for card clothing.In 2022,a Strip mill was built,and its quality is Leading in china.The products have everything and are favored by customers.They have not only a considerable market in china,but also Exported to India.Pakistan.The Netherlands And other countries.JinXin card clothing keeping pace with the word is the development.Theme of our company.We have always adhered To the integrity management philosophy of Shanxi merchants and provided customers with All-round quality services.

Enterprise style

Enterprise Style

  • Former Shanxi provincial party committee secretary Tian cheng ping to company guiding work

  • Shanxi provincial party committee, deputy secretary of the provincial governor yu youjun to company guide work

  • Shanxi provincial party committee deputy secretary of the provincial governor Yu you jun to company guide work

  • The National People's Congress, vice chairman of fei xiaotong to company guide work

  • The former military commission vice chairman of the state li de sheng to company guide work

  • The original national women's federation chairman mu-hua Chen to company guide work

  • The original national women's federation chairman mu-hua Chen to company guide work

  • The former vice premier of the state council Tian Jiyun to company guidance


Shanxi jinxin card clothing co.,ltd

  • Address:Pingding County, Yangquan City, Shanxi Province
  • Contact Number:0353-8550999

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